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The Last Federation Pic on Main Page Idea.... :)


I had a thought when i arrived on the Arcen main page today, seeing the pics of BD and Skyward. Well... i had a thought that if you did a little 'advanced' pr stuff, like show a pic of TLF and a red or white caption across the bottom of the pic, or even underneath if it was large and catches the eye, saying COMING SOON!
:)  This way, not only do we the 'regular' forumers who 'know' what is coming know, but so the casual and first time people who have no clue what is coming sort of get a nice flag waving, you know?  :)

Anyway, just a thought! Hope you like it and hope it helps to sort of spread the word just a bit more.  :)


p.s.  Ooops, I'm in the wrong forum!  Sorry!  :(  If Tigerfan could move it i'd be most appreciative. Thank you, sorry for that. I thought i was in, you know the right forum, but firefox moves me when i hit the post button, maybe opera or ie won't do that.


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