Author Topic: Thanks + Vaccines + Acutians not retaking station + char limit on saves wut  (Read 837 times)

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First of all, thanks for yet another awesome game, and especially THANK YOU
FOR LINUX SUPPORT! My current Wine is borked (think it's waiting for
bugfixes?), so having native games is very welcome right now.

(This also applies to Bionic Dues, btw :) )

Few quick questions:
  • How many vaccine researches does it take till a race develops a vaccine?
    I've done 2 for the Burlist vs. Maggot Pox now, and have an option for a
    third. An additional screenshot is attached that may point to a bug (I
    borrowed a science station from the Acutians with ZERO intention of
    returning, if that makes a difference).

  • As a related question, it would appear that the Acutians are well capable of
    retaking their station, but they keep swarming around it (before this they
    bounced back and forth across the galaxy without accomplishing anything). Is
    this intentional? Surely my 60 guys don't outnumber them that badly...

  • One final major annoyance for me: could y'all drop the 20-char limit on save
    file names? If for God-knows-what-reason y'all are supporting some ancient OS,
    could you at least have it stop adding characters after 20? Typing out my save
    only to find out that it's "too long" (seriously?) and having to correct it by
    counting characters is just plain dumb. :-)

Thanks again for the awesome game!

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In the next patch the vaccine error has been fixed.

"Fixed a bug where the Help Research Vaccine action was forgetting which tech it was supposed to research before it actually ended, resulting in no tech for anyone."

Same with the Actuians not taking over.

Mantised your 20 character save issue.


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