Author Topic: Starting ship stats --- where are they, and what are the best?  (Read 723 times)

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This is most likely gonna prompt a "doy" from me once this is answered, but I
seem to recall that in the advanced start, when you chose your starting ship,
there was some indication that some had stronger shields or stronger armor
than others. Where did that information go / where is it?

For something more discussion-generating, what are y'all's favorite starting
ships, and why? What strike the best / worst balance of ship power vs.
"permanent" enemy? I've won with the quick-start default of the Acutians, and
currently just doing random starting point in the advanced options to get a
better feel, but am curious what y'all's read on the strategic side of the

Also Nth-ing "let us research or obtain better / different ships during the
course of a game." That seems to be an area that could lead to a lot of cool
and fun advances to the game --- this is the first Arcen game that I've played
that doesn't have a "mission to unlock teh ├╝ber" option. :-)


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