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So how is development going?

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Any news on when we may expect the start of the alpha :D?
It's November after all ;).


It's going quite well!  However, it is taking us a bit longer than expected in some areas.

At this point we're expecting to hit the alpha stage at the start of December.  Rather than rushing to the first version of alpha, I really want to get this as polished as possible prior to the first alpha players getting their hands on it.

Really the original mid-November goal for this going to alpha was set back when we were first working on Cretaceous, which then got scrapped... which then we started on Starport 28, which then got scrapped because of Starbase DF-9.

So honestly in terms of a reasonable timeframe for developing this out, we aren't behind at all.  But we did start 3-4 weeks "late" so to speak, because of the kerfluffle with the other two games.  If that makes sense.

Plus, the design portion of this game is turning out to be far more complicated than either of the other two games were going to be. So, all things considered, it's going pretty well.

It is! Thanks for the heads-up :).
I am looking forward to seeing what you guys are coming up with this time - the simulation bit really got me intrigued...

Not much more to do than holding it with orzelek until December then:

*holds up worn-out patience card* ;D

Hahaha. :)


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