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Re: Half-races
« Reply #15 on: July 17, 2014, 08:28:04 AM »
Now before you guys say it impossible think about it. They can switch around body parts while in the process of building to make a new race entirely.

Isn't that what I said? <_<
I was only referring to the robotic race. All i'm saying is don't question HOW half-races appear. just that they'll appear.

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Re: Half-races
« Reply #16 on: July 17, 2014, 09:09:23 AM »
All right because of a request I'll do the Thoraxians. ( I have no idea how this will even work though :) )

Thoraxians+Skylaxians= Seliaxian
The Seliaxian are the "assassins" of the solar system. With evil intent they speak well to gain access to there target and use their power and tear there victim apart. They are small compared to the other races in the solar system but they make up for it in war. They nature is entrusting that are either Skylaxian or Thoraxian. They care little to what the solar system views them as. However, they do care what the Seliaxian view themselves as. This means if the Seliaxians have a bad rep. with the race itself a mass death will take place killing  9/10 of a Seliaxians. This ,however, will improve how they view themselves.

Thoraxians+Boarines= Toaraxians
 Toaraxians are considered the most "active" of all races.their ability to multiply it pop. is unequal. They can grow for 1 m to 10 m in minutes. However, their weak unless in a group. Their ships are also very small and weak but they have the ability to multiply the ships to! which mean they can last a long time under bombardments. They can be very smart though as they can increase science speeds if there on the planet. They are very many indeed.

Thoraxians+Evucks= Evians
The Evians are a odd group of bugs. They only meet outsiders when they have no choice in seeing them. This doesn't make them popular at all. Evians don't usually like other races except for the Thoraxians and even then their negotiations are limited. they are sort of in the middle of being strong and weak as they make Amazing ships but are poor in ground combat. They also have the ability to create artificial planets using outposts. They ,however, are not usually on them as they only build them to keep others out.

Thoraxians+Burlusts= Tholust
This is one of the more odd races. The Tholust power matches or is even greater than the Thoraxian BUT, they HATE and I mean HATE war. That's right the Tholust are more of the expert self-defenders rather than anyone bad like their parents. This makes them incredibly popular among the good races due to their amazing power. The, however, are willing to defend the weaker races from the more powerful one mainly due to the fact that Tholust hate an OP race killing a more weaker race more than war . Tholust are some of the greatest in terms of relationships due to their protectorate nature. They'll even help YOU if your in trouble by an army.

Thoraxians+Peltians= Peltxians
who says barn owls and flesh eating ants can't come together in love? (insert derp face here)
one of the more darker and weaker races. The Peltxians are terrible in war ... but they love it. Peltxians LOVE war but their TERRIBLE at it. So they use more... unhealthy and evil way to win a war. They have made virus to murder the pop. or have planet nuclear explosions to "clear" some unnecessary troops away. This makes them screamingly unpopular from the rest of the races. They also have the ability to "hire" other races military to do the job FOR them. It's as if they just want to see people die. Very mean Peltxians very mean indeed.

So this is The less logical Thoraxians mixing. But then again this is a video so logic... who needs it? Thank you for reading :).

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Re: Half-races
« Reply #17 on: July 17, 2014, 10:44:16 AM »
I'm only interested if the Bollaxians become a thing.
Just saying.  ;)
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Re: Half-races
« Reply #18 on: July 18, 2014, 01:53:28 PM »
I'm bit confused about you doing combination route with including thoraxians, but without doing androns and acutians with all other races >_>

I mean, cyborgs are a thing after all

Anyway, yeaaaaah, if devs go for combination factions, I hope they don't go for literal hybrids <_<("Half race" doesn't really mean anything. I mean, yeah, I get it you are referring to half elves and such races, but term half elf assumes other half is human so when neither half is human it doesn't really make sense as term. Nobody says half dwarf when they are referring to half dwarf half orc hybrid ;P Though most fantasy settings don't bother to think about other half offspring besides half elves because elves are only pretty ones or something I guess? Besides, hybrid is more scientific word)

Then again, I guess that explains why Burlust enjoy thoraxian produced porn  :P


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