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Title: Quest ideas
Post by: Rogan12345 on July 15, 2014, 08:48:30 PM
Here are some quest ideas I thought of

Quest 1#
Treaty convoy
Des. After a long war two sides are finally trying to have peace but the destination they meet to discuss a treaty crosses pirate territory. So there hiring you to protect the convoy.

Quest 2#
War on Slave Trade
Des. A race had a civilian ship captured by slavers and they want them released. They'll be willing to hire you to board the station to save them.

Quest 3#
Asteroid terrorism
what?! we can chuck moons but nor asteroids?!
Des. a unknown group wants to kill a certain amount of people on a certain planet. Their willing to hire you to fire an asteroid using there " Asteroid Carrier"

Quest 4#
Defense on Slave Trade
Des. some slavers have an eye on a civilian port and are willing to hire you to capture it. So capture IT!

Quest 5#
The Professor's Great Work
A Professor figured out how to change a planet's terrain completely and wants to us it to rebuild your home planet to house refuges.

Quest 6#
The People Have Had Enough
Now this quest would require some MAJOR codding so if you skip this I'll understand
Des. The people have had enough of the current planet's government and want to change it like one of it's neighbors. The'll be willing to let you help them in the uprising for space and ground tactical help.

Quest 7#
Government stand strong
A Thoraxian only quest
Some bugs are planing to rebel against the queen and she has asked for your help in the matter.

Quest 8#
An Unknown Threat
This is a quest idea you could play around with if you want some big threat to show up in the universe so... enjoy!
Des. there has been rumors and whispers of a great threat approaching the planets . You decided to investigate it from it's location in deep space and find something no one expected.

Quest 9#
Pirate help
So pirates need help now do they!?
Des. Pirates are being attack from an empire and they need your help! they'll be willing to give you ANYTHING (including there service in battle *wink *wink) if you save them

Quest 10#
Rebel evacuation
Des. Some Rebels just want them and there family away from that government and want you to help them move to a new planet.

That is all of my ideas at the moment enjoy and thank you for reading this! :)

Title: Re: Quest ideas
Post by: nas1m on July 16, 2014, 04:39:19 AM
Welcome to the Forums!

You have some really cool quest ideas here (and the game is in dire need of more quests imho ;)).
Care to add those (as well as your other suggestions from the other threads) to the dev's bug/idea tracker?
You can find it here (

Here ( is a great guide on how to use it from the AI War wiki.
Title: Re: Quest ideas
Post by: Rogan12345 on July 16, 2014, 09:07:15 AM
Thank you
Title: Re: Quest ideas
Post by: Teal_Blue on July 16, 2014, 10:27:29 PM
:)  very cool stuff, nice help Nas1m.  :)