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Sorry for the all caps, hopefully the smiley face takes off the sting. ;)


1. I love that you guys are all having big discussions and so forth here in the forums, and that is wonderful.  I'm not advocating that you stop doing that, because that really helps form a sense of community and consensus.

2. However, as the devs we really don't have time to read all of those, because those are, well... discussions.  They aren't suggestions or anything concrete, they are long back and forths often covering lots of topics and points of view.  We could spend hours reading those every day, and that would seriously cut back on the amount of actual output we can give you in terms of changes.  We're not trying to be standoffish, and by all means when something needs us to come in and comment directly, please let us know and we're happy to do so.

3. That said, things that are bug reports or feature suggestions should get into mantis by some means:  We have some awesome helpers who have been moving things from forum posts where applicable into mantis, and that really helps.  In a lot of those cases, it follows a long discussion that then results in some degree of community consensus, and then semi-consensus is then logged into mantis for us-the-devs to look at.  That really helps productivity on our side a ton.

My ultimate goal is to be able to spend as much time available on things that add value for you, versus spending time just chatting and ruminating.  I think that's a win for everyone, so any continual help that people can provide on that front is very much appreciated!  Thank you all so much for your support, and I really file this as "one of those good problems to have," but it's still a case where we have a problem of sorting through far more feedback than any one or two humans can reasonably do while still accomplishing anything else.

I dont suppose TLF has uhm.. Modding support.. at all? I know with aiwar you wrote everything directly into the code or something, I suppose you did the same thing here?

Its kinda difficult to suggest balance changes without really being able to.. Youknow, playtest them. As much as I have suggested totally not gigantic balance shifts on mantis before, its still something that is hard to really say without playtesting, which I kinda assume you dont really have the time to do (based on this post).

As for other random things (like spelling TotalBiscuit's name wrong in the patchnotes.. Its TotalBiscuit no space! dont worry I fixed it) Minor things and all :D Also getting people to agree enough to make a single concise suggestion will likely be difficult, which either means you have multiple combat rebalance suggestions posted, or discussion just happens on mantis instead.. I dunno. Forums are hard.

Yep, there's no modding support.  In terms of getting a consensus, I don't expect those to be 100%.  I'm not looking to have perfect solutions just handed to me or whatever. :)  But when it comes to trying to condense (literally) 10k-30k+ words per day of forum posts down to a more manageable 1k or 2k, that's really what I'm looking for.

Faulty Logic:
I assume we're encouraged to vote on TLF mantis issues as well?

Huh is it really only 20-30k words a day? I should get on that..


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