Author Topic: Please read if you are interested in the alpha! Sort yourselves, please. :)  (Read 24269 times)

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I'm happy to be in from round 0 onwards I love testing games very early on and seeing how they develop. Also enjoy having input which is probably more useful sooner rather than later.

Looking forward to the alpha and another fantastic Arcen title :-)

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Hmm no reading for few days and interesting stuff is afoot.

I would prefer one of earlier rounds I think. But no heavy specific preferences.

That patience card is well worn out by now but holding well. Will survive till later rounds without problems.

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I'll join in for round 0 there, if I may.

Gotta start squashin' them bugs as soon as possible, after all! 

And I always have nothing but free time anyway.

That patience card is well worn out by now but holding well. Will survive till later rounds without problems.

Ah, yeah, those patience cards...

Someone tried to give me a new one recently, but it burst into flames when I tried to grab it. 

All the more reason for jumping in as soon as possible.

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Unlike during the AVWW alpha, I actually have considerable amounts of free time on my hands for the foreseeable future.  If you all want to throw me into round two or three, I'll be able to give the game a few passes through or possibly write up an AAR somewhere to see if I can't get some others interested.

I'll be buying the game in February either way, though.  ;D

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My preference is:

1) Round 2
2) Round 1
3) Round 3


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I would prefer round 0 or barring that as early as possible, so I can spend the most amount of time with it and comment on how it plays.

I'm not really a stranger to incomplete or wonky interfaces, mostly due to a lot of games I play having rather nasty interfaces even when finished.
That and I find that others often find my idea of a what makes a "good interface" a bit questionable, so it's probably better for others who are not me to comment on the GUI.  :P

Also, personally I re-visit games very easily and pretty often so I don't mind diving in early.

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I would love to join this testing on Round 0. I don't mind bugs, broken stuff or an ugly GUI(I play Dwarf Fortress, for God's Armok's sake!) And well, I'm the kind of guy that buys Early Access games all the time, so I'm used to broken stuff :P
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Round 1 for me (though you seem to have gotten rid of round 0 anyways)

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I would like to participate in the alpha, but i will not be miffed if i do not get in.
My preferences are as follows:
Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
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Would be more than glad to assist with testing whatever phase testers are needed for.  Seeing as I own every Arcen game (some multiple copies of) I am sure I will be buying TLF when it comes out so would love to help test for bugs and what not to help the product out.   I have two machines I can test on one is Windows 7 64bit and the other is Windows 8.1 64bit.

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I'm interested in joining at round 3 if you need any more testers. Everyone knows I'm ready to offer constructive criticism when necessary, though I think I'd rather do that once all the major game features are firmly in place, as to keep my suggestions a little more focused/reasonable.
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Hey guys.

Id be glad to participate in the alpha. I'm more of a casual player. I'm a lifelong gamer, have all the Arcen games and would love to help.

Id do any or all rounds, but would prefer....

Round 2

Round 1

Round 3

Whichever you can get me in would be great! Thanks!

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I would like to join the alpha in round 0. I'm definitely fine with having a barely working GUI, as I play Dwarf Fortress. I have been in a lot of betas and alphas for other games, and am okay with bugs. My second option would be round 1 and my third option would be round 2.

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Hi - I'd like to be considered for the alpha if you please.  I've sent a PM to tigersfan with details (which I hope is still the thing to do?), but just to summarize here:

Don't mind which round, slot me in wherever is convenient, but if you want a preference to help decide then I'd prefer round 1, if not then round 0, then round 2 or 3.

Hope all goes well with the project, it's looking great so far!

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... I've sent a PM to tigersfan with details (which I hope is still the thing to do?) ...

It is indeed. You're on the list.