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LP of TLF The Lost Technologies - New player, advice welcome

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Hey there!

I've decided to do a LP of the game, it seems like an interesting concept as i like the indirect manipulation in games such as "Majesty" and thought i'd give it a go.
The Game seems really advanced and i've already spent some time trying to learn it through videos and light gameplay, so for my own sake i thought i'd do it in a tutorial-esque style, as explaining things always helps in learning new stuff and the reasoning behind certain actions.

I'd appreciate any advice you guys have for dealing with a friendly approach to federation creation :) or better yet if i make any mistakes throughout the game so i can correct them :-[

Burlust have the Mire
Acutians have the Ark

Playlist for the playthrough

* Learning The Game
* No Mercy For Pirates
* Tech Advances
* Interracial relations
* Infiltration and graphs
* Imminent Doom (Federation On The Horizon)
* Thoraxian Might

The Youtube playlist is in reverse order.

Other than that, good stuff. Good microphone, clear and understandable voice. Dropped game related advice into the youtube comments. I don't think I've ever gotten more than three races into the federation so I'm not the most qualified person to talk about friendly approaches to federation creation :P

Getting all the races into the Federation isn't as fun as getting fewer races. With a total race situation you have to babysit everyone and be preemptive about attacks. You won't be able to stop a 800 power Thoraxian Warfleet from nuking the Andors, so don't let it happen in the first place. You also end up not fighting very much because of the massive attitude loss caused by combat. I would suggest you pick X races to form the Federation and then treat the others as acceptable losses.

In combat, you'll usually want max energy to fire power, 3 to shields, and 1 to movement. When you lose about half shield, full power to movement, the remainder to shields, and get out of there. You want to engage enemies one at a time. The difference between minimal, medium, and maximum power is really big. In order to take advantage of that you need to arrange a series of 1 on 1 duels. It is faster and more fun (to me) this way as well. You don't have to be too extreme about ensuring 1 on 1 duels, but keeping enemies isolated is important. You can mouse over ships and projectiles to see how dangerous they are and to choose the best way to deal with them. Don't forget your special abilities almost always have a secondary effect of neutralizing all shots, you can use this to regain shields amidst combat.

Get to know all of the Races and the interactions you can have with the races. That's the meat of the game, and there isn't an easy way around learning them, it will take some effort.
You need the Energy Blaster weapon, go try buying it at the Black Market. It is expensive, but makes combat much easier.

Ljas - Thanks for your replies :) I've also reversed the youtube playlist. I'm also immensely appreciative about the compliments on the microphone sound and quality as i've experimented a lot to try and get it crisp, though still ways off from a sound proofed room.

ptarth - This is also what i've gathered, that some races will have to be acceptable losses. The Utopian dream that the Andorians and I share seems to be just that, a dream. in any case i'm going to give it a try :P
The finer combat advice is really useful as i haven't gotten around to really look at the numbers in combat in regards to the stats when at max power compared to low power.
I ended up getting the Mass driver while buying mysterious tech and replaced the spreadshot for it.

Is it wise to focus on the Andor or are they too weak ?


--- Quote from: Volumunox on November 17, 2015, 04:24:19 am ---ptarth - This is also what i've gathered, that some races will have to be acceptable losses. The Utopian dream that the Andorians and I share seems to be just that, a dream. in any case i'm going to give it a try :P

--- End quote ---
It's not a dread. It's an achievement!


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