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The Last Federation is a really unique game in that it is a strategy/tactics game set inside a simulation game.  Check out our first sneak preview about it, or our preview discussing simulations in the game.  Also our recent podcast with Space Game Junkie with lots of other details, the description of your role as an independent agent in the solar system,  details on the alien races, information about the "butterfly effect" in the game, and the final scene art for all the alien races, some of the planetary art, and a written preview with info about combat.  Then we've got this first video of combat, and info on the new combat GUI and other upcoming combat changes.  Oh, and the forums for the game are filled with lots of other detailed tidbits, too.

Alpha Information! Private alpha testing with players is currently in a very limited early form, and we will be adding more players throughout the coming weeks leading up to release.  If you're interested in signing up, please see this forum post.  Right now we do have open spots still, but we may wind up needing to close signup past a certain point, because we definitely have a pretty huge list of people at this point (and there's only so much feedback we can process at any given time).
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The Last Federation is an upcoming Grand Strategy + RTS Tactics game from Arcen Games.  You play as a small mercenary fleet in a solar system teeming with eight alien races of various dispositions.  Your goal is to unify the survivors into a solar federation that will bring peace.  Doing so requires a lot of fighting, a lot of political deals and backstabbing, and occasionally strapping rockets to a moon.

This is the intro video to the game -- it gives you the background info on why you are doing what you are doing.  Recently we did also put up a video of an alpha version of combat, and we'll have more gameplay videos coming up this week, as well.


Sweet :D!

You might be better off without some of the animation effects, though (or might want to improve them).
I kinda "stumbled" over some of them (visually speaking) while watching the video in terms of quality :-\.

Also, for a real intro the video might be a tad too long. Maybe you might chop it down into parts and reveal the mid pieces of the backstory at strategic moments while the game is ongoing? Just an idea...

Other than that - good work :)!

This piece is definitely finished, so I appreciate the thoughts but the time is long past for that.  Glad you enjoyed it in general, though!


--- Quote from: x4000 on February 04, 2014, 12:18:36 pm ---This piece is definitely finished, so I appreciate the thoughts but the time is long past for that.  Glad you enjoyed it in general, though!

--- End quote ---
I thought as much :). I just thought I should mention it...

Wow.  That is incredibly cool.  :)


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