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I do want it to!  I didn't have time to code in the movie playback functionality, though, which is new to us for the engine.  I really want that capability in general, though.  My current goal would be to make this video kind of a "log entry" that you could crack open when you go to the hydral planet.  Originally I wanted this to start playing when you first start the game, but the video is so long that would be kind of interminable.  Finding it as a "bonus" sort of a feature is a lot more fun, rather than it being a chore, I think.

For those wondering, khadgar (Jeff) is the voice actor playing the Hydral. :)

And, if you're curious, Ally Mack is who plays the computer in the game.  This is her youtube channel (I'm quite a fan):

Going after the ASMR demographic, are we?


--- Quote from: doctorfrog on April 18, 2014, 07:51:53 pm ---Going after the ASMR demographic, are we?

--- End quote ---

I doubt that the bulk of them would be terribly interested in the sorts of things that Arcen makes, haha.  But I'm a fan of Ally's work in general, and from one of her outtakes videos I thought "she'd make an awesome funny computer character."  So I got in touch.  Basically the same thing that happened with Nick Trujillo.  I saw him on Strip Search, thought "boy I bet he'd do an awesome comic for Skyward Collapse," and got in touch.

Anyway, I use ASMR videos heavily -- almost ever night to get to sleep, really.  So it just happened to intersect.

I'm way late but I agree this needs to be in the game albeit really low priority.  Its well done and sets up the story a lot better than what is currently in there.  The hidden entry is a cool idea but honestly I think it would be much better used as an opening to the tutorial.  I played a whole campaign and pretty much immediately wrote the story off as nonsensical.  Then I saw this vid and I was like ohhhhhhhh.  I liked it so much I put it at the front of the playlist for my let's play.

Seems like the basics of the video could be implemented as a timed slideshow+audio without needing to implement full video.


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