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Inspirations for The Last Federation
« on: May 01, 2014, 02:43:15 PM »
I've noticed that the posters on the forum and on the bugtracker have mixed familiarity with games that preceded The Last Federation. So here are the antecedents and inspirations that I'm aware of.

The Battle Mechanics: Shoot-em ups
Examples: Space Invaders, Galaga, Contra

The Solar System Mechanics: Grand Strategy
Examples: Europa Universalis, King of Dragon Pass

Space Opera
Example: Lightspeed/Hyperspeed, Starflight, Space Rangers

Space Strategy 4X
Example: Master of Orion 2
However, I think the best and most direct antecedent goes to:
Star Control 2
Which most importantly, you can play (legally) for free on MacOS, Windows, and Linux:

Also of note is the abandoned TimeWarp project. An open-source game that took the battle system of Star Control and expanded it. The project died out, but you can still play it. It is VERY playable and a massive experience. It allows multiple ships per battle and adds dozens of new ships to the SC game ships. See:

The Last Federation is taking a farther step backwards than SC2 in turns of strategic level, but I think many aspects of SC2 and some other games can still be modeled better to improve the game.

Examples: The Sa-Matra (Spoiler, if you think you'll ever want to play SC2, do not watch this. Side note: You want to play SC2.)
This type of experience would be awesome for the Burlust duels.

Combat in General
The ships is SC2 are colorful, big, and distinct. Each definitely has its own flavor and each is balanced against the others in some form. Sometimes you don't have much of a shot (Shofixti versus Ur-Quan). However, even with only having 2 ships fight at a time, battles are still awesome. Whereas when I do battles in tLF I often feel that I don't care what I'm fighting, I just doge shots and wait for spreadshot to fix everything.

Grand Strategy Game
In general, many of the aspects of Paradox's Grand Strategy games would work here. Europa Universalis (1-4)is their flagship, but many are built on the same engines. The depth of information provided and the ability of the player to do things using that information, is unsurpassed (to my knowledge).

So, if you haven't given any of these a shot, go check them out.
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