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Gameplay Idea: Vassal-Liege System
« on: April 23, 2014, 03:06:53 AM »
Today I wrote some gameplay idea made into two mantis tickets. I figure it'd be nice to share my thoughts with the forum so that we can discuss and figure out whether it's good idea or not. Here's the link to the ticket and copypasta:

In the current state of the game, wars always lead to single outcome: genocide, and a single victor taking over an entire planet for themselves. It's pretty simplistic model but also unrealistic.

What I suggest is liege-vassal relation similar to Crusader Kings 2 system.

1. A race may surrender to overwhelming force, for example after they lost their bomb shelter and 90% of ground troops.
2. In case of multiple attackers, there'll a method to decide to which attacker they surrendered to, such as the one who cause more damage to them.
3. If the target planet is considered to be too incompatible with the attacker, they'll consider vassalization. OTOH if the target planet is very compatible with the attacker, they might consider completely taking over (genocide).
4. Thoraxian take no prisoners, since they'd rather breed on the corpses of their enemies; Boarines might be blinded with rage momentum; Burlusts would consider vassals as excellent trophies which will boost their morale.
5. Peltians tend to surrender easily since they're cowards; Skylaxians depend on their current Senate formation; Burlusts are too proud to surrender.

Outcome: Vassalization.
1. As a Vassal, their autonomy is limited, but they're let to manage their own planet, instead of the conqueror having to manage one extra planet alongside their original.
2. Player's ability to do Friendly Acts or to negotiate with Vassals is limited, but opens new possibilities such as supporting rebellion against the Liege.
3. The Liege gets to meddle in the affair of its vassal such as telling them to prioritize their economy, but it may lead to resentment (Evucks in particular).
4. With enough resentment and when the Liege seems weak, the Vassal may rebel to secure their independence. Other races and player may help them in the process. A suppressed rebellion will make them unable to rebel again for few years.
5. Since the Vassal is under protection, player's Hostile Act on the Vassal will piss off the Liege quite a lot.
6. Vassals will always automatically called to war when the Liege is at war.
7. Vassals will always join the faction that the Liege joined or created. After successful rebellion they may exit.
8. Vassals may not declare war on their own.
9. Vassals pay tax, raw resources, share all techs they learned (which make it ideal for non-techy races), and contribute large amount of their armada to their Liege.
10. Liege may bribe the leaders of their Vassals to make them happy and less rebellious.
11. With Liege-Vassal option available as war outcome, genocide would be considered unpopular and lead to negative opinion (like -50) by nobler races. However there'll be positive opinion: Burlusts admire genocider; Peltians become scared as hell. Thoraxian might not care less.
12. Burlusts don't make good vassal, and they'll consider it a terrible insult to serve Peltians.

Outcome: Truce or White Peace
1. When the races become deadlocked in a war such as lack of ground troops by the sieger for years, they might make a deal to white peace. The race who were losing might have to pay war reparations or tribute.

It's a huge feature which I think will really transform the experience of the game and add more hours to each playthrough. But it's heavy amount of content that I'd say would make a good $3-5 DLC material.

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Re: Gameplay Idea: Vassal-Liege System
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2014, 07:29:41 AM »
I like the basic concept. Especially about your point #3, that is the races considering if the planet is worthwhile for them to inhabit or not and decide accordingly whether to vassalize or conquer.

Definitely good DLC material. Also the expanded possibilities in diplomacy and intrigue this could offer are rather high. Not to mention the amount of fluff you could add to the game world's history with the addition of the mechanic (perhaps Hydrals did collect taxes from the rest of the system... who knows? ;))

EDIT: I may or may not have typoed certain race name here...
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Re: Gameplay Idea: Vassal-Liege System
« Reply #2 on: April 23, 2014, 09:56:34 AM »
I like the idea that a planet can yield to another one without being destroyed. It not only keeps more species in play, but it also allows more classic empires to be built.

Another thing I'd like, is that even if an attack does move on to ground invasion, is if the fight for the planet could be concluded before the civilians were all massacred. You'll see stuff like "rather than face annihilation, they surrendered" but then you see that the planet has a population of one million, and you can't see any "expatriate" or minority stats on the detailed planet info.
Furthermore, it is my opinion that Hari must be destroyed.


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