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Title: Gameplay Idea: Alien Holidays and Festivals
Post by: Azurian on April 15, 2014, 09:25:42 PM

Mantis: (

Have species have planetary holidays and festivals, that add lore and can give the player bonus or negative influence.

Length: Monthly / Yearly
The holiday can last for a  month or year.

Recurrence: Every Year or X amount of Years
The holiday can happen once every year or x amount of years, but both are predictable.

Cultural Importance: small, medium , large
How important the holiday is to the race.

Holiday Types:

ancestor worship
leader worship
weather (monsoons)

Computer Advisor:
The following races have a holiday these year.

Proto: Alpha Algorithm (Andors)

*Click on Holiday link*

Holiday Text: Alpha Algorithm is a cultural holiday during (month)/(year) that occurs every (year)/(x amount of years).During Alpha Algorithm the Andors celebrate the design of the algorithms that gave them binary consciousness and gain sentient life.

If you help them build a __(specific building)/(thing)____ during the (month)/(year) of _____ your will gain bonus _____ influence.

If you attack them during your holiday, you will lose bonus ____influence.

You can also go further and make holidays a specific week in the year/ x amount of years.