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First (late) Impressions
« on: April 20, 2014, 01:43:15 PM »
Hello, I was in the alpha for the last week but work unexpectedly ramped up and I wasn't able to dig in for any length of a play session until this weekend.  I've been able to put in several hours now on 1.001 and I must say it's pretty solid, for as far as I've made it into the game.  I think most of the interfaces and menus are open now, and the most I've seen bug-wise is some text spacing issues on some of the missions.  I was up until 3am or so and it went through my head to take a screenshot but I wanted to keep playing, so I'll get those into Mantis as soon as I find them again ;-)

Purchased a giftable copy today as well for support, didn't want to seem like an alpha freeloader.  Purchase The Last Federation (transaction id: X1R4D0K******)

I foresee this taking up quite a lot of my time, thanks Arcen :)

Edit:  Aaannnndd... I put it in the wrong forum.  Sorry =\  Feel free to move it to the Alpha forum
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