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Evuck spy probes?
« on: October 07, 2014, 07:01:40 AM »
Okay, so, in previous games I didn't mess with these guys too much, but in my current game I can see plenty of uses for their services, what with the Thoraxians essentially having become gods of destruction (more than they usually are), but it's occurred to me that I dont actually really know how their spy probe mechanic works, and they dont have any out anywhere.  Mainly, I dont know what exactly gets them to launch some.  Is it something to do with attitudes?  That would make sense, as for no apparent reason they're as friendly as the Andors right now and dont hate anyone at all.  And there doesnt appear to be some option to ask them to send some.

EDIT:  Or that particular game might be a lost cause, ugh.  The Thoraxians are just eating everyone isntantly.  Through this bit of scientific observation, I have determined that the Thoraxians having a planet compatibility of FIVE can lead to difficulties.  Particularly when I then screw things up with idiotic decisions.  Argh.   All this while the Burlusts were the scientific geniuses of that particular game.  A pretty messed up situation overall, really...
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