Author Topic: Does Not Play Well With Others Achievement - What Counts as a Friendly Action?  (Read 10416 times)

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For the "Does Not Play Well With Others" Achievement, what exactly counts as a friendly action? The reason I ask is because I went through one playthrough specifically to get this achievement and did not get it.

In that playthrough, I assumed that Quests and Negotiate with Mercs (at the black market) did not count as friendly actions. But since I failed to get the achievement, one or both of those must count as friendly actions. I also assume that the planetary government screen actions don't count as friendly, but since you can't form a Federation without that, that assumption must be correct.

Please help, devs or anyone who has gotten this achievement.

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I will bump this as a good question: I have seemed to have been tailor made for TLF but this sounds like a great challenge for me to attempt.
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