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crossover idea from ai war


Is it possible that one of the planets could always be named Murdoch? Maybe some of the same ships would appear? For example, tackle drones could be the resident solar system pain in the ass. You already have a lot of lore, the time period of the events could be right before AI war.

Might be a good way to pull in some of the fans of your major franchise.

Murdoch has showed up in a number of our games actually, including I believe Shattered Haven and definitely Skyward Collapse.  All referencing back to AI War, of course.  Most likely we will have a Murdoch reference in this game somewhere, and other AI War references as well.  More in the form of nods and easter eggs than true crossovers.  That said, it's entirely possible that a true crossover would be possible down the line, as this one solar system is part of a well, presuambly, big universe and galaxy.


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