Author Topic: Space Monsters, Slavers, And More! (New Feature suggestions)  (Read 919 times)

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Space Monsters
Space Monsters could be like space worms or weird giant jellyfish-like monsters rooming around the solar system waiting to find ships to devour.

While technicality you can sell slaves there never seems to be any other people as heartless as you. This needs to change.

independent devel... I mean corporations
See my Corporation post for more info

ancient races
See my ancient races: Humans and A.i for more info

Bomb ships
Ships used only for bombing

More planets
I do believe that colonization should be allowed in the game (just my opinion)

See my Half-races post for more info

More options on the menu
Compare to A.I war Fleet command the menu an The Last Federation is very barren. Please add more options.

More planets TYPES
Not to be confused with more planets It's just I always wanted a planet that was covered in darkness or a planet where gravity has no effect

Now this is one of my more "Insane" idea but why not give races the ability to research magic for it's own uses. It make for more quest, research, and even ships

Once again I know Stealth is in this game but I think it needs to be more delved into.

There is only a portion of what I thought of for this game but now I'm tired of writing and some of my ideas are getting crazier by the moment. Thanks for reading :)


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