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Title: Corporations
Post by: Rogan12345 on July 15, 2014, 08:08:36 PM
Anyway just as it suggest I wouldn't mind if corporations would play a role in the larger . Now i'm not asking for a new empire but I am asking for them to a least have some affect in the Galaxy ( such as how good ship weapons are, or how the economy is doing, etc).
for example say a corporations known as " bug spray ind." appeared on a world ( obviously not Thoraxians). Then that world's ships would have a 20% damage increase on all Thoraxians ships. Or how about a corporation now as " War civilian  support" showed up on an Andor world. Then every time a race would go to war with another race a same portion of the race's civilians would show up on that world as refuges.
This is just one of my ideas thank you for reading this!! :)