Author Topic: Let's Play The Last Federation: Delivering Spacefaring Tech 2.0  (Read 2587 times)

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Let's Play The Last Federation: Delivering Spacefaring Tech 2.0
« on: November 13, 2014, 10:16:23 AM »

Delivering spacefaring tech has recently seen a large update, and this video is a brief LP for The Last Federation that shows off missions and how to go about navigating them.  It also shows off a number of mistakes and how to avoid making those mistakes hurt more than they have to.

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Re: Let's Play The Last Federation: Delivering Spacefaring Tech 2.0
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2014, 11:28:03 AM »
Hm, there's a couple of things I can say about this:

1.  A funky issue is the initial placement of the satellites.  Notice that when you start, many of them are evenly distributed, but those that are on the side that you begin on almost appear to be shoved towards the center by some sort of invisible sphere that surrounds your starting point; this is one of the reasons why the wall can seem impenetrable/unfair.   Wether it actually IS those things is, to a point, irrelevant... part of this is about the perception the player will have of it, as I think many wont be expecting missions of this difficulty so early into their very first game, particularly when the game encourages you (to a point) towards getting as many going as you can.

If this aspect of it were fixed... so that, regardless of the player's start location, the things are always distributed much more evenly in that overall sphere (like the ones behind that "front line" are), it would just LOOK that much less aggravating.   The player might be encouraged to at least try, and experiment by getting close, because they see that there MIGHT be a spot there.  Instead of instantly looking at it and going "What the heck, what in the world am I supposed to do here?"  The fact that you CAN just go totally around and enter through the rear of that circle seems to show that there's not too much harm in making them more distributed, because the player CAN just switch to a position that allows them to deal with that anyway.  Most, however, are unlikely to think about it.

2. This is very early game stuff, with a very unique battle system.  A turn-based shmup with a billion bullets!  Even a fan of that genre is going to have some trouble, as a rule (not ALL of them, sure, but many will).  Feedback from many players, based on how hard or not hard they find each combat difficulty to be in it's current state, says to me that plenty of them tend to get hit A LOT in battles on the lower difficulties;  this being because dying on Normal requires a tremendous amount of damage, and individual attacks only do so much.  A new player will have trouble like that, dealing with even more basic patterns, and are very unlikely to be able to spot the "safe zones" as you show in the video.  This is why I kept bringing up the "sphere" around each probe idea, because in the end, that's what they'll ACTUALLY be looking for in many cases, thinking that if they're within the firing range of more than one probe, they're gonna get trapped, and not escape, and.... you get the idea.  Those impassible walls that Chemical Art mentioned, yeah, they move, and that's part of the point, but the problem is that until they do this, they are impassible, and tend to give the illusion of "Well, this part isnt doable at all".     And again, all of this with such complexity when they havent gotten used to the combat with far smaller amounts of things going on.  They're overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff, so they might not realize that the movement of those walls is the key to getting through.  Come to think of it, it almost feels like this should be more of a mid-game mission than anything... some of that frustration might be lowered if they've had ample time in battle before that. 

It'd be the same as trying out Invasion mode before Standard.  *I* definitely know that all of the Obscura use totally dodgeable attacks, that work out even when grouped... but a player totally new will just see a hideous mess that says "get in here, and you *will* die" to them.  It's that type of perception that's part of the issue here. 

Argh, I hope I'm making at least some sense here, because I'm not so sure that I am. 

Dont get me wrong:  The ideas here are fun and interesting and similar to concepts I was using with the more complicated Obscura.    But those issues I point out here are why I've kept rambling about this part more than once. 

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Re: Let's Play The Last Federation: Delivering Spacefaring Tech 2.0
« Reply #2 on: March 10, 2015, 03:28:07 AM »
Lots of games have puzzles where you have to navigate a series of hazards like spikes that come up through the floor and then down in a timed pattern. Rather than a random-in-2d sprinkled layout where anything too close to the ship is pushed back away from it to a minimum distance, you could lay the probes out in a way that makes a maze you have to navigate to get to the goal, starting and stopping and timing your steps across the hazard points between bursts from the probes. For example, you use a virtual grid and put the probes on the grid lines a set distance apart and make alleys for the player to fly up. A little twisty maze of passages, all alike, only with walls that shoot at you.