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Betrayal mode - Lost Hydral Research


Playing betrayal mode (for the first time). I got many "New Hydral Signal" messages that say "if you search your destroyed homeworld".  The first time I went there it was still held by acutians, I did the hostile action to raid for tech and got the "Escape Pods" tech. Since then I keep getting notifications, but when I go there it says "There aren't ANY Hydral Technologies left that you don't already have! Wow!". When I bring up Tech Progress and scroll to the bottom I see 9 Hydral techs lit up, Escape Pods is checked, Multiheaded Fabrication and Multiheaded Research have unchecked boxes in my column, and the other techs have no check boxes (indicating I should be able to get them but they aren't particularly helpful to me). There are no red empty checkboxes in my column, which is what should be there to indicate that I couldn't get those techs if they aren't available in betrayal mode.

So this seems messed up. Is there only the one Hydral Tech supposed to be available in Betrayal mode and the rest of this is just visual inconsistency due to there being multiple game modes? Or should I be able to get more than Escape Pods in Betrayal mode? It seems if I really can't get any more techs the notifications should stop.

What's the intended design here?

Very borkened. The destroyed planet was initially owned by the acutians. I got one tech, and it then said I had them all. I wiped out the acutians and took over the destroyed planet and it still said I had all the techs. The skylaxians took it away from me when I wasn't looking, and when I took it back the choice to look for techs was enabled again.

I did the raid for tech and got a second tech, Automation Upgrades. Then when I looked at the Tech Progress it only lists the two Hydral techs I'm supposed to have, so the situation seems to have resolved itself.

I don't have good saves for this one, so I won't be creating a bug, sorry.

I think I know your problem and you simply need to look at the notifications more closely. Not all hydral technology opportunities will be at the destroyed homeworld, something I quickly learned was that many of them would say something about the asteroid belt or something like that, and that I needed to go to one of the other planets to do a raid to get those. Those aren't against any race-owned area, just automated defenses I believe, so you don't have the reputation penalty with any races, and i believe there is an option or requirement, I don't remember which, to do the raid with the race on that planet, though I don't recall whether there was any benefit to do so instead of yourself, and I don't know what they would gain if there is that option.

Yeah, I was reading my notifications carefully, and I quoted precisely, alt-tabbing back and forth to get the wording and punctuation for my post. I was getting the other kind of notification too (search from planet or outpost in the ice belt) but didn't mention those because they didn't apply.

No idea then, you might want to try putting it up on Mantis, because it does sound like a bug since I don't think hydral technology has a limit on mode or time passed.


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