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Does each ship flying around have its own set of goals or behaviors? Can you as an independent agent query a ship, perform some action, and plant a seed of sorts into the simulation? I'm trying to get a better idea of at what level the butterfly effect exists in this game.

The butterfly effect is mostly at the planetary level, although ships not controlled by you do act independently. Some are on permanent guard duty and just sit at planets or outposts. Others picket and this can lead to various confrontations. And others actively raid even when it is not wartime. Ships that wind up in scuffles, whether in wartime or not, wind up affecting the overall attitudes of the players toward on another.

Honestly compared to, say, AI War, the ships are relatively small in importance. I mean, they do matter for fights and such, and you certainly deal with them a lot. But AI War is ship centric and this game is really more race and planet centric.

I should also add, one thing I do need to write up soon (just as another form of fun preview thing) is actually a description of the broad general systems and some bits and pieces about each one, and thus give an idea of specifically how those enact the butterfly effect.  The amount of stuff there is really immense, larger than in any other Arcen title.

There's probably some degree of ship-level butterfly effect in terms of stuff like:

1) I fight a pirate fleet, and destroy/weaken it
2) So that pirate fleet fails to destroy a nearby Burlust fleet that's heading to invade the Thoraxian homeworld
3) So that fleet makes it through and, though it fails to conquer the planet, does transmit the disease currently raging on the Burlust homeworld
4) Which disease then ravages the Thoraxians and prevents them from going on one of their common "conquer the entire freaking solar system" sprees (balance isn't quite in yet, heh) until other races get big enough to put up a fight.

And there are various other things to substitute for 1), like you taking out pirate bases to slow down the rate of their spawning, etc.

Which is a beautiful thing.don't forget these are selling points for your marketing.


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