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A bit overwhelming at first
« on: April 19, 2014, 02:54:27 PM »
So I played my first two hours today, and as the tutorial is explaining things to me, I think, "whoa there's more?!". The more it explained, the more impressive it seems. I race hopped around trying to get most of them to like me, and I really did not know what I was doing. Then finally, the last tutorial I saw, before quitting, about the federation really helped me know what the point was and what I should be working towards.

So I docked with the space station on the very first mission, and then quite a bit later, I fought a battle which opened up ship special abilities. If I had fought that first battle, would the ship special abilities have opened up after that first battle? I am wondering if I made things a bit more difficult by not fighting it out.

One thing that got on my nerves is the death screen where the text slowly scrolls, then you have to it hurry up, then hit the button again to get to the main menu. I suggest just skipping the slow text so that I can continue with one button click. Yea, I died a few times with those sneak tech mission. It went much better once I had ship abilities and could hit the afterburner.


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