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"Increase Combat Tactics" Ideas Thread
« on: April 20, 2014, 03:58:42 PM »
Feel Free to Add your own ideas.

1.Categorize Weapons
First Categorize Weapons by Material Properties  like Ballistic, Laser, Missile, Plasma, Explosives Etc.

2.Wall Defences
2. Provide "Wall" Defences that are resistant to certain weapon categories in different strengths. You have to break them Age of empires 2 style to get inside.

Anti Ballistic:
Highly resistant to Ballistic Weapons but Weak versus Explosives or Artillery Weapons.

Explosives: Have to get close to the Wall and have 1 Turn to Plant Them on Wall, Explodes in 5 Turns.
Artillery: Extremely slow weapon but powerful weapon mostly effect against Anti Ballistic Walls.

(Level 1) Armored Wall (100,000 Hull) "Made of Metal"
(Level 2) Diamondoid Wall (250,000 Hull) "Made of Diamonds"
(Level 3) Carbyne Wall (500,000 Hull)   "Current Strongest Metal in real life"
(Level 4) ??? Wall  (1,000,000 Hull)
(Level 5) ??? ? Wall (2,000,000 Hull)
(Level 6) ??? ? Wall  (5,000,000 Hull)

Anti Laser / Spectrum

Laserwall called a Spectrum that absorbs laser weapons .
Follows the color Spectrum Wavelength.

(Level 1) Crimson Spectrum             "red"
(Level 2) Persimmon Spectrum   "Orange"
(Level 3) Aureolin Spectrum       "Yellow"
(Level 4)  Emerald Spectrum     "Green"
(Level 5) Sapphire Spectrum  "Blue"
(Level 6 Amethyst Spectrum  "Purple"

3.Fog of War
Prove a fog of war system in nebula clouds / magnetic clouds where your ship is limited to what it can see based on its current range.

You can have a special ability to have increased line of light range.

4.Aftermarket Equipment System
Similar to Distant Worlds you can customize the equipment of your ship. If you want to take the pacifist route you can equip aftermarket parts to enhance shield, engine, and/or hull but they take up a weapon slot. You have to visit a Spaceyard to equip them.

You can have different configurations, and aftermarket parts have grades similiar to Fire Emblem:
E = Tier 1
D = Tier 2
C = Tier 3
B - Tier 4
A = Tier 5

S = Super Rare
U= Ultra Rare


[E]  Basic Performance Kit:
"A basic performance kit  that tunes the flagships to provide a small boost "
+ 15% Hull Points
+15% Engine speed
+15%  Shields Points

[D] Advanced Performance Kit:
+ 35% Hull Points
+35% Engine speed
+35%  Shields Points

[D] ??? Shield Regenerator : Unlocks + 2 extra Shield slots in Power Management
[C] ??? Shield Regenerator : Unlocks + 3 extra Shield slots in Power Management
[A] ??? Shield Regenerator : Unlocks + 7 extra Shield slots in Power Management

[D] Zane Turbocharger: Unlocks + 2 extra Engine slots in Power Management
[C] Malox Turbocharger: Unlocks + 3 extra Engine slots  in Power Management
[A] Altima Turbocharger: Unlocks + 7 extra Engine slots in Power Management

[D] R-4 Repair Nanites:  Unlocks + 2 extra Hull slots in Power Management
[C] R-7  Repair Nanites: Unlocks + 3 extra Hull slots in Power Management
[A] R-19  Repair Nanites: Unlocks + 7  eHull Engine slots in Power Management

One of your weapons plants space motion detected mines that do area of effect damage.

6.Area of Effect Artillery
Launch mortar/artillery shells that you have to click the screen to guide them, and land on slowly on selected spot.
6.Dangerous/Cant Cross Space Terrain
Sections of the map you or enemy cannot cross or you will get hurt.

Asteroid Terrain
Space Junk
Magnetic Cloud
Tachyon Fields

7.Gated Drop Zones
Similiar to AI War, you Have to disable generators to disable the "focefield" at drop zone or science outposts etc.

Weapon that magnetizes ships to stay stationary similar to a tractor beam and/or causes ships to collide with each other.

Similar to the Electric Shuttle or Lightling Nuke in AI War

10.Multiple Drop Zone System
Similiar to a Capture the Flag Mechanic, you have to capture multiple drop zones to complete mission.

11.Nanite Swarm
1. Infect large amount of ships and slowly kill them.
2. Slowly zap hull and shields from other ships to your own.

12. Ally Control
1. Allies link their battle computers to you, and you control their ships just like your own. Could be for a limited time and called Ally Autopilot System
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