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Yay, new Patch! Wait, what is that.

--- Quote ---     Fixed a bug where rooms horizontally flipped were actually flipped and then flipped back to normal, but the laser emitters and mysterious pipe openings were only flipped once, resulting in them pointing the wrong way.
        Thanks to Pepsisolo for reporting.

    Fixed a bug where charge weapons would not fully update when you switched to a different room, causing their charged states to not work.
        Thanks to Pepsisolo, Misery, and The Hunter for reporting.

    Fixed a bug where picking up a shop item gave you credits rather than took them away.
        Thanks to Misery for pointing out the unorthodox business model.

    Made more sure that the "things I've picked up this floor/run" lists are cleared between runs, so you don't run into item-room/AP pedestals with nothing on them.
        Also made it so that if for some reason there really aren't any unlocked items eligible for a pedestal spot (in a shop, for example), it doesn't spawn the pedestal either.
        Thanks to Pepsisolo and The Hunter for reporting.

    Added new toggle to the New Run screen: Temp Dev Mode
        If this is checked, this single run will essentially be in "developer mode" which allows various debugging features. Since those features can be used to cheat, you won't gain achievements, permanent Ability Points, or long-term stats in this mode.
        A big chunk of what this enables is the "L" menu, where pressing L during the game will bring up a window in the upper-left corner with various nefarious buttons.
        Among them is a new "Unlock All AP Items" button.
        Thanks to The Hunter for inspiring this change.

    Entities that pass through both wall terrain and non-wall terrain (like Ability Point drops) now also pass through anything else that can block passage.
        Thanks to The Hunter for inspiring this change.

    Ability Point drops are now immune to gravity/repulsion.
        Thanks to The Hunter for inspiring this change.

    Fixed a bug in recent versions where on XBox controllers you could not reassign the left and right triggers in the key bindings.

    The game now uses icons for the gamepad buttons that previously would just show as numbers. This should help with confusion on what each thing is in prompts, etc.

    There are now 360-specific gamepad button images for when players are using that controller.

    Energy no longer regenerates over time during play inside rooms.

    Energy is now fully replenished every time you move between rooms.
--- End quote ---

Wait, what?

--- Quote ---Energy no longer regenerates over time during play inside rooms.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Energy no longer regenerates over time during play inside rooms.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Energy no longer regenerates over time during play inside rooms.
--- End quote ---

It was too spammable, and we had a whole discussion about it internally.  That said: that breaks a lot of the design of existing energy weapons, we know that.  They need to be redesigned to either use less energy, or in some cases use none.  The role of energy is in general going to be really different with this new system.  Much more sensible and less abusable than the old one.

My super quick knee-jerk reaction is good. I've got to ration my special weapon uses now. Makes me think a bit more.


--- Quote from: Pepisolo on December 23, 2015, 03:21:26 am ---My super quick knee-jerk reaction is good. I've got to ration my special weapon uses now. Makes me think a bit more.

--- End quote ---

Yeah, that's definitely part of the idea.

It wasnt just too spammable before, even... it was downright abusable!   I found many ways to just DELETE bosses in seconds (let alone normal enemies!) and I'm sure there were many more, but there was also the problem of, uh, let's call it the "grinding effect"; the bit where gamers ABSOLUTELY WILL do anything, anything at all, if it increases their chances of winning.... no matter how tedious and boring it is.  Like in RPGs; instead of, you know, using strategy and actual thinking against a tough boss, they'll just punch rats over and over for 20 hours to increase stats, and THEN they'll follow this up by complaining about how grindy the game is (when the boss really was totally doable with just a bit of thinking).   That sorta thing was downright inevitable here.  You could take in a very strong weapon, give off a quick burst at some enemies or whatever, and then retreat and just HIDE for 30 seconds (or whatever), and then rinse and repeat, using lots of power, taking little actual risk, and more importantly, dragging the game's pacing to a near halt.   Which would, of course, be OUR fault, not that of the player for using such a tactic.

And really, everything about this game, to me, says it's supposed to be exciting and fast-paced.  Not like, crazy fast-paced like Nuclear Throne, but.... well, you guys get what I mean.  The player seeing the need to spend a ton of time waiting between shots, rather than fighting directly and learning the patterns (or even learning to just use the weapon better during actual combat) isnt exciting or fun at all.  So I for one think this was a necessary thing.

And I think it'll all work out well as the items continue to appear and get more and more balanced with everything over time.

Seems like it will be easier to actually balance energy weapons relative to the main gun while also having them be powerful enough to feel cool to get. And it's a tactical resource that you may as well spend at some point during a room rather than a strategic resource that you tend to hoard (i.e. missiles). Though you may still hoard the energy until you've actually seen the whole room (which can take a while in some of them).

Been playing Pillars of Eternity lately, and I really like their tactical-resource/strategic-resource pairings with endurance and health and (more to the point here) per-encounter abilities and per-rest abilities. You tend to hoard the per-rest abilities as you might expect, though you do burn them when facing something nasty, but you happily slap stuff around with the per-encounter ones while still caring to use them at a good moment in the fight as opposed to just immediately spamming them whenever.


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