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Hey guys, so, it seems that the last thread calling for reshirts kinda floundered.... So here's the new thread. If you want to help us with this game, please post in this thread, and I'll get you a key ASAP. If you posted in the other thread and haven't gotten a key yet, I apologize. Post here and we'll correct that situation.

Version .800 is due out within a few hours of my posting this, and we still have a release date of Jan 22, so, please only post if you can test now/ in the next couple days.

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help.

I can give it a whirl.  I usually test late in the development cycle.  I guess we are getting close to that.

I can help out too.

Sign me up for some testing duty.

Hey! I'm a long-time lurker but I never bothered registering before but feel free to throw me a build. I'm a big fan of these sorts of games so I'd be happy to put it through its paces. I've got installs running Arch Linux (proprietary nvidia drivers), Crux Linux (foss nvidia drivers), and Windows 7.


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