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upgrades aren't working properly


So playing several hours i do like the game but theere are somethings that dont add up one when you pick up health upgrades it goes plus two over what its suppose to be so when a plus two upgrade goes to 4. second when taking energy upgrades no matter how much it increases it only increase by 1 instead of the plus 25,40, ect everything else is fine its just those two things

That's unusual. Which mech are you using and on which difficulty level?

Lower difficulties have health gain/loss multipliers.
There are also some perks that can double how many health shards you get.

In regards to the energy amount - it is possible you are looking at the Shots which is the remaining uses of your energy weapon, and not the amount of energy. The amount of energy is inside the blue bar on your energy weapon. From your description I can't tell, but it seemed reasonable to check the basics, just in case. I don't think there are any effects that would change energy otherwise as you describe.


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