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Steam page is up! (If you have something to say after playing, PLEASE review!)

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I agree.  More boss bullet patterns.  That is what makes the game distinctive.

Yea, reviews can't be posted for a game that hasn't come out yet.

Also, would probably improve the screenshots to be more colorful boss fights. Or even rooms that have some insane amount of enemies. Something to really catch the eye. Not sure I would put menu screens up or at the least would bury them towards the end of the list. Just my thoughts anyway.

Hmm.  If you guys don't mind submitting some screenshots in 1280x720 size, that would certainly be welcome if you don't like those.

Okay, here's my thoughts on the screenshots and such:

1. Showing menus is fine, but dont do many like that, maybe just one or two is enough; some people do like to see what the interface is like but beyond that it makes for a boring presentation.

2. Sure, the bosses probably work

3. When showing rooms, show them full of STUFF.  Like, that room with the spider has... the spider, but not much else.  The entire area to the left is blank.   One thing that I think stands out with this game is the variety of stuff in the rooms, so showing some complicated room layouts would be good.  All them regen blocks and lasers and arrow things and whatever....

4. Definitely take down that Wallmaster one.  It looks like there's no boss in it.

5. You've got miniboss things and a shop in there, that's good... hmm.... some other "special rooms" might be good too, though I'm blanking out on just what (I only just got up, still out of it).

1280x720.  It makes it hard to show too much in one screen.  Anyway, any help is welcome.  I'm bogged down in other stuff right now, and need to get some sleep in a minute anyway.


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