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I just thought I'd create a thread for bigging up any Starward Rogue live here it is!

There's currently one live here:


Well that made for a very entertaining watch.  I really thought he was going to take down the Warden there. Though he entered the boss door by accident.  Still he got the boss down by half.  Pretty darned good for a first fight with it.

So close to victory, that was great. I'll be keeping an eye out for the next time he plays.

He actually started playing the game on Hard, and was doing pretty well even on that mode. He did very well for a new player. Oh, also I forgot to thank Kinix for helping set that stream up. He's the one who recommended Starward Rogue to Esty. Thanks Kinix! :)

Ah, yeah, I thought I heard Kinix mentioned there.  I'll give him a thanks from everyone here (I don't think he comes here much but he's on Steam a lot). 


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