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Starward Rogue Twitch stream thread

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To celebrate the official release of the Augmented expansion, Esty is doing a stream that should normally start around 3pm Eastern Time.

See you there!

Edit: It's live! Getting started with Meteorfall, followed with Starward Rogue and possibly finishing with some TangleDeep for good measure.

Edit2: Starward Rogue section starting now.

Edit3: The Starward Rogue part ended, switching to Tangledeep. That was fun.

Yeah, that was fun ...I'm super happy that Esty encountered a Golden Floor near the end of the stream! :)

Esty is currently streaming Starward Rogue again! :)

Edit: the stream has now finished.

Tails and Shin are currently streaming Starward Rogue!

Edit: The stream is now over.

Was streaming the game earlier just learning more patterns and generation patterns, but will be streaming periodically later on today. And by today I mean either in a couple hours or 12 hours from now depending on if I pass out or not <)'-')>



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