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Starward Rogue Redshirts Wanted -- Today!! :D

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I should probably stick my snout into this thread.
Might be easier. :P

The Hunter:
Is it too late now? I am very interested in this as i like both shmup and roguelike genres. :)

Email sent. I'm not convinced I can be useful at this stage, but I'll let the Arcen Ministry of Software Testing make that decision. ;-)

(After sending the email, I saw comments here about Windows versions. I primarily use OSX, but I can probably set up a VM (or steal my girlfriend's laptop when she's not looking) if necessary.)

I was helping with the Last Federation alfa and would like to track some bugs with this one.
Played a lot of shooters so if there are any more testers wanted let me know. 

Having just watched the alpha trailer, I am suddenly very interested in playtesting if there is a slot available.

Somehow through all of this I didn't realize "twin stick shooter" means "it's like Binding of Isaac".  Since BoI is one of my favorite games... yes, very interested in this all the sudden.  :)


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