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Starward Rogue - First Video Preview (Alpha v0.201)

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Starward Rogue is the name we finally settled on for our roguelike/PDL shmup-like... thing.  It's really fun, but video is better at describing it than I am.

The game is currently in alpha version 0.2, but we're looking for more volunteer testers all the time (email arcengames at gmail dot com).  It's still in early form, but quite fun.

This entertained me way more than it probably should have.  :D

Also based on the way Crystal Mother sort of died at you, it needs more HP.  Had meant to do that, totally forgot.

Do you intend on doing more of these over time?  I was kinda surprised that this one is as short as it is.

I do intend to do more, yes.  And it is hilarious that you were that entertained by it, given you're so central to so much of what was shown.  Then again, watching other people play against your stuff is a big thing for sure. :)

I dont know what is the difference since I did not try the last version yet, but it really looks better now, and I also can see what you are aiming for better.

Please do more of these :)

In the second floor, boss room was right next to the entrance. I guess this will be tweaked later.

Shrugging Khan:
Overly critical immersion-related nitpicks incoming!
Don't take any of it to heart. I'm writing this down as I watch it.

* Movement looks too responsive. I get that this is a necessity for shmups, but it really just seems completely non-lifelike - especially the instantaneous changes in facing and velocity.
* Enemy death effects bear no relation to the manner of their death, most obviously in the explosions - enemies suddenly explode when the explosions visual effect hasn't even reached them yet, and the enemies' debris is unaffected by the explosion.
* The general visual style is unappealing. Too many lines, too many details, in an already messy game. Can we get an alternate visual style that looks more like zoomed-out AI War icons?
* Sound effects are all placeholders, I take it? [Ah yes, they are!] I like the ones on taking damage, though.
* This really is primarily TLF Battles The Standalone Roguelite, isn't it?
* There is no cost for firing weapons, is there? Will there be an autofire toggle? Christ, I hate what shmups always try to do to the player's fingers...
* Enemies are unaffected by environmental hazards?
* Movement speed upgrades really sound like traps, given that there never seems to be much room to move in anyways.
When I hear "Space-based", even if it's within a larger spaceship, I want to have at least some actual space mechanics and not just a few stylised stars in the background. But all this probably really is just my beef, as one of the relatively few people who did not like TLF's battles or the post-early-AIW visual style in general, so don't be disheartened by my grumpy ramblings. I'm sure you'll make a great game regardless!


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