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Starward Rogue: 2.001 (Die A Fiery Death, Audio Crash)


Hey everybody

Here's our first major update since the launch of AuGMENTED and it contains two big changes. Firstly, we have finally managed to track down and fix a longstanding problem with regards to very occasional crashing that could happen. I'll leave Chris to explain this!

"FINALLY fixed the longstanding super-infrequent crashing that was happening for some-but-not-all players. This has been a thorn in our side for two years now, but we finally got some excellent help from Unity's engine developers themselves, and it turns out that we were triggering a crash bug somewhere deep in the engine via calls to That's now on their list to investigate and fix, but in our case now that we know what the problem actually is, we've switched approaches to no longer use that method at all, instead baking the music and voice tracks into the game itself. This is also why it would happen sometimes specifically during tutorials."

Phew! So, that should be the last we see of that issue. Many thanks to everyone who has submitted crash reports for this problem, and also to the folks over at Unity for helping us track down what the issue was.

Now for the second big change -- the probation overhaul! The whole probation mechanic (those optional little challenges you get at the start of floors 2+) of the game has had a bit of sprucing up thanks to Logorouge and Draco. All rewards for the probations have been improved, 2 new probations have been added, any existing probation issues have been fixed, and there have even been some extra niceties added like SFX and console notifications on success or failure.

In addition to these two big changes, there have also been the usual bunch of fixes and balance changes. There is a also "new" sacrifice item for AuGMENTED that was accidentally not set to seed when the expansion launched -- Parasite Armor. We hope you enjoy this update! :)

I also recommend that anyone who thinks they should already have the Safari achievement (and don't) to boot the game and complete a floor. Just one will do it.


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