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SR version 2.5 (Unlock Overhaul) and AI War 2 early access launch news


Sorry this post is a bit late, I posted this on Steam but completely forgot to post it here until now...doh! :)

Hey everybody

In celebration of Arcen launching AI War 2 into Early Access  today, we're also pushing the next update of Starward Rogue: The Unlock Overhaul! There are also huge discounts on all Arcen's games for the first week of AI War 2's launch.

This is a free content update that adds 87 new items to the game: 62 new unlockable items for the base game, a further 16 unlockable items for the AuGMENTED expansion, and 9 new items going straight into the base game. The unlockable items are awarded after completing achievements. For any already completed achievements, the rewards will automatically be unlocked.

Back when Starward Rogue launched around 2 and a half years ago we weren't able to get everything into the game that we originally wanted. One of those things was reward unlocks. But with this update, that has now changed! Now for nearly every achievement in the game you will unlock an item reward upon completing it. The only two achievements that don't have unlockable items are Unlock All Items and Find All Items since we didn't want to gate any items behind such extremely difficult achievements. The types of rewards are wide ranging from simple upgrades to new familiars to crazy boss themed weapons. Unlock items such as Flash Sale, Red Scorpion, Kamikaze Minibot, Ripple Laser, Durandal, Chrono Claw, the Commando Module and many many more!

There are, of course, also the usual tweaks and bug fixes. Here is the whole changelog. This update has been many months in the making and it's something the team is very proud of. We hope you enjoy it. Thanks for your support everyone! :)

Oh, just in case anybody is experiencing problems with the build or just wants to go back to the previous version for whatever reason, you can revert that by right-clicking Starward Rogue in your library list, selecting properties and then opting into the beta version called 2_004.

It seems the drm-free build has been left to version 2.000
I don't find how to patch it.


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