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Speedrun Attempt Thread


I have decided to add and make Starward Rogue onto the website because why not? I know that I will be making an absolute ton more runs in the future, this is the best place to put it allll into one!!

And obviously anyone else is welcome to submit their runs too! Only honor rule is that the difficulty must be set on at least easy. Any glitches (that aren't game breaking) are in play, and yeet :D


If you either don't know how to submit there, or just don't want to for whatever reasoning, then you can just put em down below in a comment. Any sort of video proof works :P

Damn quick run at 12:03 to Warden \(^__^)/


I'd give it a go myself, but I'm terrible at speedruns of any sort.  I end up just crashing into basically everything.


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