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Official Speedruns???


Been really busy these past couple weeks but now have all the time in the world to reallyyyy get into this spectacle of a game! Though I can already start speedrunning it and consistently clear the game on hard, I don't know where to start with categorizing my runs.

Do I try any% all the way through to chamber 5 boss? Any% 'insanity' to chamber 5 boss? Maybe 100% all rooms to chamber 5 boss? OR even just a quick 'insanity' clear to full game beating <)'-')>

Leave me suggestions of different ways I can categorize them and I should be leaving videos of me doing them \(^-^)/

The categories could be:
-Any % short run (5 floors)
-Full clear short run (5 floors)
-Any % full run (7 floors)
-Full clear full run (7 floors)

And I guess you could add to that the specific mech and incredibility used (or not) as modifiers.

And I presume the default difficulty should be Normal? Could just have a separate cat. for Insanity even just to clear the game >:DD

Yeah, Normal would probably be good as a default difficulty. And by Insanity, do you mean Misery difficulty?

Misery, Insanity, it's all the same level of mental cruciation :P


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