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Next alpha build (and more alpha players) late tomorrow (11/20).

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Hey guys,

Thanks for all the feedback so far.  There's a number of things coming, but there had to be a lot of discussion amongst us internally about certain things and how best to proceed with them.

Definite problems that are being looked at are:
1. Ammo weapons being lame because of the way ammo is.
2. The stuff already fixed here:
3. Some boss insanity.
4. Weight to shots (was already considering this, but on the fence).
5. Two different movement modes for the player, one of which is more SHMUP-like (basically like now, except slightly more precise even), and one of which is more mass-based.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know what is in the works.


Hey Chris, you have mail ;)


* Where would be the best place to put thoughts about the alpha? Here, PM, Mantis, other?
* You might want to check what people are meaning when they use weight in reference to shots. When I use it I mean that the shots lack physical essence, not that they cause impact momentum to the target.
* The question of where the battles are taking place has been brought up, i.e., space, spaceship hangers, galactic trash heap, etc. Along with the suggestion of mixed space/air enemies and ground enemies. I'm guessing you were thinking spaceship hangers/internals. It seems that you could steal all of the enemy design and models from Bionic Dues and implement them as the ground forces here, and that would work rather well.
* Any news/statements about the analogue controls?

A sub-forum is in order. 


--- Quote from: ptarth on November 19, 2015, 10:37:08 pm ---
* You might want to check what people are meaning when they use weight in reference to shots. When I use it I mean that the shots lack physical essence, not that they cause impact momentum to the target.
--- End quote ---

It seems to have a number of different possible meanings, or multiple meanings at once.

This is how I'm interpreting it, and please feel free to give your own details as well:

1. Some physical impact, yes, but this would be very much determined by the attack itself.  A missile blast could maybe knock something back, but a minor "pew pew" maybe just vibrates it a bit (as in, visual effect only)... not strong enough to actually push anything back.  The player's ship would be unaffected (bad things result otherwise).   The interesting thing with this though, after having thought it through, is that some interesting gameplay elements could be added that take advantage of a mechanic of this type.  Could get creative with that.  Target ship size would possibly affect things as well.  Most bosses would be unmovable. 

2. Flash, flare, something that says hey, this thing just got BLASTED.  Right now, enemies just sorta give off a generic flash and a noise.  As opposed to giving off sparks or bursts of flame or, I dont know, crackling electrical shock effects.  Could be anything.  There isnt any of that right now, so the shots just sort of blink away and become damage numbers somewhere when they hit.

3. If something hits like a freight train, it should go THUD or something.  There's only like, sort of a vague popping noise right now.  Though, this bit is to be expected.  Currently it seems like MOST of the audio assets are not in/ready yet.

4. Maybe even some vague sparks or something for missed shots, that hit a wall?

5. Special weapons lack PRESENCE.  This one, actually, bugs me.  Right now, they fire the same projectiles as everything else.  They should be firing huge single bolts, or things more along the lines of some of the "particle" effects that have been seen in some of Arcen's other games.  Alot of those, particuarly in the Valley games, always looked pretty cool to me.  Visual effects only of course, but they just LOOKED satisfying.  There's also the issue here of the current versions, well, it's hard to tell IF they even fired at times.  That one actually can affect gameplay.

That sort of thing, that's how I've been interpreting this. 

Anyway, had a bit of conversation with Chris about this via email too, so we'll see just what happens with it.


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