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Idea: Loading Room Tips
« on: January 27, 2016, 06:16:27 PM »
I've seen a lot of issues about information not being readily available to the player. Part of it that information isn't presented, part of it is that the information is lost in a slew of other information. It seems that some loading screen tips would be useful. So when you start a new game, in the bottom middle of the screen you get a tip with a little graphic displaying it.

Tip List
  • Enemy ships getting to close? You can sprint away by using button Y.
  • Chests contain loot such as missiles, keycards, and potatoes.
  • Locked Chests need a keycard to open but contain much better loot than regular Chests. You can find Primary Weapons, Secondary Weapons, and brownies.
  • Caltrops are the bane of soft soled robots everywhere, don't forget you are invulnerable after taking damage, so just sprint over those guys.
  • Missiles can block and destroy enemy shots.
  • Energy Weapons recharge every room, go crazy.
  • Your shields recharge every room, live a little.
  • Maximum useable shields are limited to 2, but you can use the extras to buy upgrades and still have 2 afterwards
  • Blaze Turrets suck, email Misery about why you hate him and his little dog.
  • The Invader is the best boss ever!
  • There is no shame in playing on a lesser difficulty. Normal is actually pretty Hard.
  • Don't tell anyone, but some of the devs play on Very Easy and still can't win.
  • Some people like keyboard and Mouse control, others like a gamepad. See which one fits you best!
  • Sometimes bullets aren't the answer. Try missiles!
  • Sometimes bullets aren't the answer. Try using more bullets
  • Ever feel like a piece of cheese?
  • You can practice fighting bosses and minibosses using the Mod Mode.
  • Rodney needs to get off his robot $$$ and do something useful for a change.
  • Every wonder what happens to all of those dead robots you have left behind?
  • Enemy Spawners are immune to bullets, but can be destroyed by missiles.
  • Unbreakables are immune to bullets, but can be destroyed by missiles.
  • Special unbreakables contain a surprise, go get them!
  • Collect 8 health shards and gain an extra hit point!
  • Eat 6 servings of vegetables per day!
  • Don't forget to eat enough fiber, a clean colon is a healthy colon.
  • How does the Hydraal know when to send a new mech in?
  • What happens if the Hydraal regrows the head off that was put into the mech AND that mech comes back safely. That's going to be awkward.
  • Why hasn't the Hydraal cloned himself yet?
  • Want a relaxing puzzle game? Try Tidalis. At least try it on the relaxing game modes, it gets tough later on.
  • Don't shoot Space Janitors, Cooks, or SysOps. You never know if they have decades of elite combat training.

And so on.
Note: This post contains content that is meant to be whimsical. Any belittlement or trivialization of complex issues is only intended to lighten the mood and does not reflect upon the merit of those positions.

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Re: Idea: Loading Room Tips
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2016, 07:17:45 PM »
The funny thing is, I actually do have a little dog.