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I want upgrades! give me ship upgrades!

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Very different from Drox.  That one is much more of an RPG, which nobody will ever mistake SR for.  That one also has lots of menus for customization, whereas this will have no menus.

This one is much more about finding things on your run, and choosing to use them or not.  And being able to purchase upgrades with limited credits on a given run, too.  There's a lot less control here about what you get, and thus you're adapting to your own abilities as much as you are the enemies.  When the next run starts, then you restart in terms of your situation.

Quick note:  I sent you an email just now about the thing you'd asked me to put together, the example stuff.

Mostly it goes well, but there's a problem that is most likely involving me overlooking something really obvious, so yeah.

I hadnt forgotten how aggravating THAT part could be, nope.

Just got the email, thanks. :)

Just a heads up that folks might be interesting in a redshirts phase of the alpha, which is around now:,18148.0.html


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