Author Topic: I'm just not very good at this game...  (Read 4040 times)

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Re: I'm just not very good at this game...
« Reply #15 on: January 23, 2017, 12:29:28 PM »
Yeah, I sent things off on a tangent a bit, heh. Sorry! Some additional information might be possible, but the problem is that us Freaking devs have limited ability to do engine work, and Chris and Keith don't really have much time to work on new SR features.
Yeah, that's a sensible answer, but I hardly made a suggestion to have it implemented tomorrow. It was, after all, just a suggestion. If it requires engine changes or the intervention of Keith/Chris, then it'll be there on Mantis whenever they have time. ;)

Which also explains why Misery's reply looked so out of this world to me. It was like "URGH, never gonna happen! Can't be done!" and I was like "What? I'm a terrible coder, and I could whip that up in an hour. WTF?"

But yeah, if it requires Keith/Chris then I can see where he was coming from. That doesn't mean it'll never be done. Just waaaay later. ;)

Yeah, myself and Misery are more designers and have very limited programming ability, so even a seemingly simple task like this is too much for us, although Ptarth could perhaps manage it. It's a possibility for the future if Chris or Keith decide that's something they want to look into. Most ideas are worth suggesting, though, since you never know. At one point, it didn't look likely that we'd get backtracking teleporters, but Keith ended up implementing those.


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