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Title: Enemies, bosses, looking for feedback on difficulty
Post by: Misery on November 24, 2016, 03:03:08 AM
Okay, so, yeah, looking for some feedback here.

With the game's balance changes recently (well, on the beta branch anyway), all those perk changes and things like the big change to healing items has altered things quite a bit.  Baddies that you could tear through before have now gone back to what they were SUPPOSED to be.  However, what they were supposed to be might be a bit.... too far, in some cases.

I know of a couple of really specific ones that need an alteration, such as Dissever. 

But I'm not too good at finding these things.  Far as I'm concerned, everything already is easy.  This makes the difficulty levels a tad hard to balance.

Right now, Normal mode is a bit harder than it should be.  Mostly in the early game... the late-game seems to be at a decent spot and probably doesn't need that many changes.  But the early game in particular is definitely past where it should be.

So, that's the question: Do any of you have any thoughts on specific enemies or bosses that could do with a few tweaks?  Or perhaps other parts of the game (specific rooms, even) that seem a bit overdone?  You can see which room file you're in by hitting F3, by the way, if you find a bad/broken room and want to report one of those.

Any feedback that anyone might have on this is helpful.

Even if you haven't played the beta branch update (if an enemy is broken in the previous version, it's likely even more broken now).

Note, of course, that some things might not receive changes.  Blaze Cannons, Sunder, the Warden, Terminus, Sideshots, Flak Cannons, Bubbles, and Diffusion are the main things that are not going to get any changes right now in terms of how hard they are.   Blaze Cannons though have already had their HP dramatically lowered for the Perk Overhaul update.  Inferno Cannons will get harder as I suddenly realized that their pattern is only partly activating (sigh).
Title: Re: Enemies, bosses, looking for feedback on difficulty
Post by: z99-_ on November 24, 2016, 02:27:01 PM
Heh, I guess I should read all of the new thread titles before posting something. Anyway, my lengthy thoughts on balance are written in the other thread.

For specific things, I just remembered there is a maze room that does not play nice with guard fleas. The corridors are so narrow, the new big bullet makes it pretty much impossible to hit it without missiles. From what I recall, the bullet was replaced as soon as it disappeared, so there's no time to hit it in between shots. I guess you could move around so it isn't aiming down the corridor, but it's kind of hard to move around quickly in a maze . . . not sure how you would fix that, though.
Title: Re: Enemies, bosses, looking for feedback on difficulty
Post by: Monkooky on November 27, 2016, 10:19:15 PM
I remember that room. You can stand around a corner until it fires, pop out, and shoot the fleas.
Once you get the hang of it, it's not too threatening- but it does require way too much sitting and waiting, and far too much tedium.
Title: Re: Enemies, bosses, looking for feedback on difficulty
Post by: Monkooky on November 29, 2016, 04:40:33 PM
Arrite I'm gonna catalogue the rooms that I found difficult or obnoxious.

Reath_SelfInflictedChallenge: Got a rampart and a cross-claw blue. Was moderately difficult, but not too horrible.
ZMC_StripesAndStars: Mildly annoying to navigate.
Reath_EggStorage: A massive pain in the arse. Too much waiting for explosions to disappear, that 2 laser+2 rotating guns on the right is virtually impassible for no good reason.
BGS_GettingTighter: too many enemies, not enough space.
Reath_X: slightly more obnoxious to navigate than it ought to be. Not a big deal.
BWS_LowChaos: MASSIVE FRIGGING SPIKE MAZE. Worse, no cross room teleport. Painful unless you take it slow, very obnoxious if you take it slow.
Terminus: I know you've said you want it to be tough. Spending ten minutes in a boss fight though, that's way too long for a game like this.

More to come another run