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AI War themed mech...?

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OK, so this is something that probably isn't happening, although maybe, but probably not, but maybe, but... if there was to be an AI War themed mech, what would it look like? What abilities would it have? What would we call it? What would the design be? Any thoughts? I just thought I'd ask this as a bit of fun! :)

Neinzul Mech, with a swarm of familiars (temporary or not). Fun for all the family!  >D

Starward Rogue makes several nodes to The last Federation with several weapons, that were made by the iconic races of this game.
Maybe we can have some weapons from AI War races too? Spire photon lance, Neinzul drone launcher, Zenith Devourer module? These are just some names/ideas I have but I honestly have no idea what these kind of things would actually do.
Hell, why not go with a human-themed weapon?

An entire Mech inspired by Ai War would however be hard because, well, AI War never had any ground combat for it to work out.
If anything, it would be a Raptor they would have used.

Botnet mech! Zombie boss fights :D

All we need is a cross between this:

And this:


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