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Title: A suggestion
Post by: adamjohnson on December 08, 2017, 05:11:18 AM
Some of the very mobile minibosses are hard to keep a track of, and I have often gotten hit becuase they appear out of nowhere. I don't want to suggest a direct change to the minibosses or their attacks, but what I think would be a neat idea would be to have a useable/upgrade that tracks all the ememies in the room. Basically, use the icons for finding doors or pickups and apply them to ememies when they are off screen. I think this could be valuable, as it could be used for other things as well. I've only played for about 2 hours so far, and I believe it would be helpful for finding the scarce amount of ememies in a trap room to quickly turn off lasers/turrets, and for mopping up after boss battles or large rooms.
Thank you for reading this,
Title: Re: A suggestion
Post by: Draco18s on December 08, 2017, 11:46:59 AM
If you mean Loco (because let's face it, Loco is crazy) here's a tip:

Stand on the windows.

The "floor" constitutes his track and Loco (being a motive loco ( stays on his tracks.

It's super obvious if you look at the room in the map editor: