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I made 14 new rooms for the game. They should all be fair and fit within normal gameplay. The developers can include these rooms in the game officially, if they want.

Usage instructions: extract the .zip file in the Skyward Rogue folder, and combine the folders. The levels will now appear randomly in the game.

You can also try them out individually. Open Starward Rogue\RuntimeData\Configuration\TestChambers\a_testReathRooms.xml in a text editor. Start the game, then pick the mods options in the file selection window. Select a_TestReathRooms in the Test Chamber dropdown. The first level will now load. To change levels, alt tab to the text editor, then copy and paste one of the room_setup scripts on top of the one at the top. Return to the game, press esc and select reload test chamber. The new room will then load.

To remove the new rooms, delete all files with the Reath_ prefix in the Starward Rogue\RuntimeData\Rooms directories.

Unofficial Forum Greeting.

Hi. Welcome to the clubhouse. Glad to have you.
I took the liberty of looking at your rooms and writing up some feedback. I hope you don't mind. I liked most, really liked a couple, and had a couple of changes to suggest for just a few.

I also took the liberty of writing up an .xml room script to make it easier for others to take a look in the Test Chamber. You can rotate between the rooms by copying and pasting the desired room at the top from the list at the bottom. Then just hit ctrl+F4 in game to rotate between them in the Test Chambers.

--- Code: ---<root>
<room_setup script="TunnelWide/Reath_Squeeze" />
  <entity type="PlayerStandard" category="Player"/>
<room_setup script="FatHorizontal/Reath_LaserTrap" /> nice
<room_setup script="FatHorizontal/Reath_Warzone" /> a bit cramped for a 7x7_fearsome, perhaps replace it with a 5x5?
<room_setup script="QuadNN/Reath_MineMania" /> nice, the mine exploding the blockables was neat
<room_setup script="QuadNNWW/Reath_Trickshot" /> not sure about those gravity generators up north
<room_setup script="SmallEW/Reath_Blockage" /> nice
<room_setup script="SmallNS/Reath_Distractions" /> I think this is a bit much in too small of a space. Perhaps a larger room?
<room_setup script="SmallNS/Reath_Outpost" /> nice
<room_setup script="SmallNS/Reath_X" /> I really like this one
<room_setup script="SquareNE/Reath_Guarded" /> nice
<room_setup script="SquareSW/Reath_TakeCover" /> nice. I really hate blaze turrets, but that's not your fault.
<room_setup script="Standard/Reath_WreckedBase" /> really nice.
<room_setup script="StandardEW/Reath_TurretTrouble" /> a bit busy. perhaps something to hide behind to allow a breather.
<room_setup script="TunnelTall/Reath_GravityTunnel" /> nice
<room_setup script="TunnelWide/Reath_Squeeze" /> nice

--- End code ---

Hi, thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you liked most of them.

I updated the rooms based on your comments. Warzone now has a 5x5 Death Adder instead of the 7x7 Fearsome. Turret Trouble has some cover, and I moved the turrets closer to the corner. I removed the northern gravity generators in Trickshot.

I'll look into redoing Distractions when I've got more time. It would probably work better in a bigger room.

I ran into Wrecked Base on a normal playthrough, and only two of the doors in the room appeared. I got stuck on the floor because of that. Did I do something wrong while making the room, or was it a bug? It looks fine in the room editor.

If you press F3 you can see which room it loaded. It also is appearing as a 1x1 room instead of a 2x1. Do you perhaps have another version of the room in a 1x1 room folder?


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