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Reath's Rooms

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I checked and there's only one copy of it, which is in the standard folder. The console also shows that it loaded that one.

Okay, sometimes secret rooms spawn and that "hides" doors until you hit them with a missile. Try shooting the place where the doors should be with a missile? If you want to make a backup of your game file so that you can try different places and still might have a missile, that might be wise.

I shot a missile everywhere using a bug report save, and no doors appeared. I attached the save if someone else wants to check. This seems like a bug, unless I'm missing something.

The level continues in that health room, down one and right one from the room you are in.

There is code to open the dev menu and use a map reveal item, somewhere, but I cannot find it atm.

Whoops, not sure how I missed that. Still, odd that it loaded the room in the wrong place. Looks like the floor still generated correctly.


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