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Quick sprite display question


Okay, simple question:  Is there some way to force certain bullet sprites to always display on top of others?

I need to make the fight with Terminus all miserable now, but doing so for that first guardian and it's blasted walls is a bit of an issue; the golden walls tend to cover up other shots fired by it.  Needless to say, this is an issue.  I need to make it so that the other bullets always display on top of everything else, so that they can be spotted even when passing through the gold walls.

As usual the XML document isnt being very helpful here.  What else is new?

Though how I'm going to make that fight more awful than it already is without making it impossible, I'm not sure.

Test chamber issues?  Terminus should always be with the darkship tileset.  Set the floor in your TC to use a specific floor (7 in this case). 

The goldship tileset isn't used for anything right now.  So it shouldn't be an issues in the main game.

Not really. The options we currently have are to make shots appear UNDER everything else (i.e., a floor shot) or to appear at the same level as everything else (Which I think is determined by order of rendering, and it can change).

Some ideas:
1. Make the golden walls fire first.
2. Make the golden walls floor shots.
3. Try using shaders on the different walls.
4. Make the golden wall a part of the game.entity stacked image and give it hitboxes that block shots, but don't take damage.

By "Golden Walls" I mean the bullet walls the guardian fires; the test chamber is still using the normal tileset.

Anyway, yeah, I'll try that floorshot thing.  Not that I've even figured out what I'm going to do with this particular enemy.  Got the second guardian done, damn thing might be a bit overboard...


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