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New enemy ships - The Brute Squad

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I think your changes were good.  The only other thing I would suggest is cycling through the different attack behaviors (PathfindingAttacker, and LOSattacker I think?), to see if you can help them not get caught up on obstacles when pathfinding.

Pepisolo will probably find them here, or you can PM him, or put it on the Mantis when you think they are ready.

Ok, thanks. I'll try those out tomorrow.

I tried out other behaviours and Attacker is still the best.

PathfindingAttacker - This mode only updates it's path at maybe 0.5 second intervals. Since it never tries to face its target (only its destination, which is almost always out-of-date if the player is moving at all), it basically can't hit you except by divine intervention. PathfindingAttacker and Dumbfire weapons don't mix.

LineOfSightAttacker - This fixes the issue of facing, when combined with "rotates_to_face_firing_direction" on the weapon. However, then the ship doesn't chase at all if the target is in range. I'd hoped the "range_chases_until_within" setting would affect this, but it does not. Honestly, I'm not certain how LineOfSightAttacker would be different from Attacker if that had worked anyway. I can artificially set the range of the weapon low to force it to chase in closer since I've using a bullet pattern which ignores the weapon's range, but then it doesn't fire until it gets really close.

What would be great is for Attacker to have a "switch to Pathfinder after X seconds if I don't have LOS", and have it switch back once it gets LOS.

Meanwhile I've toyed with shield colors on the Black Aegis. If anyone wants to vote, I've attached what my current 5 choices are. Feel free to pick "None of the above".

Fair enough.

I like the red & black the best of those. The Red/Red patterns seem to lack pop. Although this could change when you are actually playing rather than just looking at them stationary and at such a large scale.

Ok, I'll submit it to mantis with the red & black. If it needs to change in the future, that's a bridge to be crossed later. Thanks.


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