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The thread was just updated to remove the download links of the old versions for Penumbra and Alpha. I also removed them from the mech pack.

In preparation for the Unlock Overhaul (2.500 update), here's an update for the Arsenal mech and the Mech Pack! (files at the beginning of the thread)

Arsenal has now been fused with the Blacksmith mech Grimm, gaining some new abilities and changing others.
The two biggest changes are that the mech can now forge itself new weapons at levelups and that it cannot use secondary weapons anymore, focusing all its power on main weapons.

Before you download this new version, please make sure you have the Unlock Overhaul installed (2.500 update) and remove the Blacksmith mech Grimm if you had previously installed it.
Relevant code has been added to Arsenal to ensure savegame compatibility.

If you'd rather not upgrade Arsenal and keep the Grimm mech installed or you got some MinibotSchematics error after launching the game with the new update, you can simply manually update Grimm by following these instructions:

-Find the "a_Logo_Perks.xml" file. (Location: Starward Rogue\RuntimeData\Configuration\GameEntity)
-Open the file with any text editor (even Notepad).
-Toward the end of the document, replace "MinibotSchematics" with "FamiliarSchematics".
-Save the change and you're all done!

Whoops. The mechs downloads in the first posts broke at some point.
Re-uploaded the files and it should now be fixed.


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