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I messed up. Turns out using my missile mech mod makes existing saves reliant on it. Trying to run a save after removing the mod will just throw a "DynamicTableRowNotFoundException" until you reinstall it. That's very bad. If someone doesn't like the mech, I don't want them to be stuck with it.

Is there any method I can use to clean a save after the mod is uninstalled?

For now I removed the download links on both forums until I can find a solution. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Unfortunately no. The best you can do is to include a second file that appends your gameentity file with a z. This will move it below the other mechs in the selection window, and it will then "disappear". It however will still need to remain in the game to keep saves valid.

Ah, that's a good workaround. At least RedShift isn't lost forever for anyone using my mod. That's a relief. Thank you.

You're welcome. Cheers.


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